Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Parallel Universes

I'm almost 75 years old, and in many ways, I'm just like any other person my age;I thrive on peace and quiet, and spending time with my kids is a riot, I live in a world of dreams a world where I can do almost anything. I've gone past my physical prime but mentally I’m ahead of my time. I've accomplished a variety of things and I enjoy all the success that it brings.

My stories are better than they’ve ever been and my paintings hang in the capital museum. But I'm getting into something new now, so humor me and I‘ll tell you just how. I’ve found parallel universes exist so for argument's sake imagine this. In these universes, alternate versions of you are living out their lives, just as you do, but since they're in a universe parallel, their choices in life are different as well. Choices that differ in experiences and skills, they'll be great writers, rock stars or workers in mills. To any lifestyle you can possibly find, isn’t that easy enough to picture? Fine...

You heard me right, I'm not kidding, and it’s not a metaphor I’m just submitting --

I've spent 20 years researching mind enhancement. I've tweaked and waited for the scientific advancement and finally I'm prepared with a powerful technique. Through cutting-edge mental methodologies quite unique allowing anyone to instantly visit alternate universes, and with alternate versions of you converse. It's the backbone of all my life's accomplishments; it can change lives and open the door to advancements.

Imagine getting the chance to talk to the alternate you versions of you who've made different choices come true! Think of how you could benefit from all their experiences, it’s time to learn new skills and make better decisions. Discover your true potential in bi-universal visions. Achieve the impossible, get in touch with the universal you and be wiser, smarter, richer, healthier and sexier too. Be the you that you were always meant to be and the master of your own destiny, sounds crazy, I know, but it works. Thank you for listening, this is just something you can digest or chew up and spit out. Whether you believe it or not it’s all up to you! Today I think I’ll be the inventor of an adult short story.

Try this one on for size;
Moment of Lust
"Finally Alone ," Heavy breathing and a craving for love, oh God it was the moment they had been waiting for. She looked into his eyes and released her passion all dignity was forgotten as her need and desire to have him took over. She threw her arms around his neck, and with the heat of passion ready to ignite she began to kiss and fondle him wildly and passionately. His desire exploded as his pulse quickened and he responded fervently to her sudden desire. His hands found their way beneath her sheer dress and quickly peeled it from her body, as she trembled with desire and engulfed him in her arms. He, realizing that they were still on the front porch, and made an awkward effort to retrieve his keys, Some how he managed to get the key in the lock as he embraced her lovely body against his and she covered his face and neck with hot lips of desire. The door flew open and they fell on the floor and he pulled her on top of him blinded with lust. He was at the height of desire and couldn't let go. Her hot lips and sweet tongue were totally addicting and intoxicating The fuse on his passion had almost reached its end. He drew her closer and closer and caressed her with his lustful touch She pulled him closer to feel the feverish skin of his body next to hers. When all of a sudden, all the lights went on, a crowded room started singing happy anniversary.

Now that I have satisfied myself and maybe you with a little satire it’s time to put the kids to bed by inventing a bedtime story.


  1. Funny, you had me going there and I thought that he would explode. I wasn't expecting a room full of people there to witness this moment of mad passionate love. I found the ending to be quite funny and delightful. How embarrassing would this really be if it were to happen to you?

  2. Yes, I have read about Parallel Universes and even purchased the tapes but for some reason I can not step into my parallel world. Is there a secret to your success? I would love to be able to do this and it is not for the lack of trying. I think positive, tell myself where I want to go to see my other selves and learn from them. I can't seem to step out of myself or out of this Universe to see myself in a Parallel Universe. I want more than anything to achieve this travel. Do you have any suggestions for me?